What is Gastric Sleeve surgery?
It is one of the most important bariatric surgeries and the most common among obese patient..Where about 80% is removed from the stomach which means decreasing its size to a great extent. And so the patient feels full after eating a small amount of food. It is done by endoscope thorough 4 small surgical openings that do not exceed 2cm. Also, Hunger hormone (Ghrelin) is removed in the surgery which makes sense of hunger became rare after the surgery.

-Gastric Sleeve is a surgery done by laparoscopy, which offers a lot of benefits as:
1-Less pain than open surgery to a great extent.
2-Stay in the hospital for only one day.
3-Short recovery period and the patient can return to his daily activities after 5 days at most.
4-Much better cosmetic look.

-Patient achieves a lot of magnificent goals after gastric sleeves that he dreamed of as:
1-Reaching ideal weight in about a year from the surgery.
2-Improvement in the patient psychological state.
3-Healing from obesity complications as Diabetes, Hypertension, sleep apnea, bones and joints diseases.

-Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeves is a safe surgery and globally approved.

-Some obese patients feel afraid of going to bariatric surgeries due to expecting severe pain after it. But fortunately, bariatric surgeries are followed by very slight pain which is easily controlled by pain analgesics.

-Another fear..is absence from work for long periods. The good news is that bariatric surgeries do not need a long healing period. As the patient can return to his work and daily activities after only one week.

-Dr. Ahmed EL Masry advises his patients to commit for vitamins and protein supplement intake to compensate the decrease in nutrients and vitamins resulting from a decrease in stomach size.

-When to feel worried, after Gastric Sleeves?
1- In case of fever especially that accompanied by trembles.
2- In case of redness and inflammation in the surgical openings accompanied with pus appearance.
3-Severe pain increasing by time.
4-Continous nausea and inability to swallow.
If any of these symptoms appear on you, contact your doctor for importance.

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