How to prevent blood clots after bariatric surgeries?
Before talking about preventing blood clots, a patient must recognize a few points:
-Bariatric surgeries are like any other surgery that carries the probability of occurrence of complications even if it is a simple probability, but the patient should put the issue between the two scales, the advantages of the surgery and the risks of obesity.
-You have the right to know the complications that may occur during the operation.
-The bariatric surgeon and the anesthesiologist do their best to protect you from these risks and prevent them.

-Dr. Ahmed EL Masry takes all necessary precautions to avoid the occurrence of blood clots after bariatric surgeries. These procedures include:

Pre-operation procedures:
1-The patient is given an injection to prevent clots.

During the process:
The patient wears a pressure bandage on the superficial veins to prevent clots.

After the operation:
1-The patient must be assisted in the movement after two hours of surgery.
2-Alerting the patient to drink liquids to prevent dehydration.
3-Giving the patient injections to avoid clots.

-It is reported that the occurrence of clots is a complication of bariatric surgeries, which includes only 1 to 2% of cases.

-What are the symptoms of blood clots?
* Severe leg pain.
* Swelling and warmth of the leg.
* Shortness of breath.
* Painful breathing.

-Blood clots occur after surgery, especially as a result of lying the patient for long periods without movement. Which reduces the speed of blood flow and increases its viscosity and adhesions in the blood vessels. which consequently causes blood clots.

-There are some risk factors that increase the likelihood of blood clots after surgeries such as:
* Smoking.
* Age.
* The presence of hereditary blood clotting diseases.
* Sitting or lying down for long periods.

-The most famous types of strokes after surgeries are the clots of the legs. It is known that there is a potential for clots to move from anywhere to the lung, which is one of the most dangerous things.

Dr.Ahmed Al-Masry advises that the movement should be done after bariatric surgeries on the first day.

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