Dina Abou EL Soud

God rewards you, doctor, God bless!

Doaa Adel

My doctor and I are proud of him, I am talking about him to all people, about his manners, excellence and humanity.

Khaled EL Husseiny

May God gives you excellence and happiness Dr.Ahmed as you caused our happiness.

Beka Aktafy

A human before being a doctor. God keeps you doctor and blesses you.

Aza Mostafa

God bless you, doctor, I declare before God that I did not feel that I made gastric bypass surgery. And I am asking God always to keep you and your family and bless you.

Basim Kadry

Injustice to call him Dr.Ahmed! His is the genius Ahmed EL Masry. A human before being a doctor. God bless you richly.

Jojy Seif

God bless you the greatest doctor Ahmed, wish for you success always, God will.

Mohamed EL Adl

God bless you doctor and increases your knowledge and science.

Khaled Hashad

A doctor that God honours richly with knowledge and manners, God bless and helps him.

Esslam Salah EL Dein

One of the best doctors I have ever met in my life.

Hesham EL Shazly

To find a skilled doctor, is not difficult..But to find one who combines skillfulness in medicine with great manners and patience, This is Dr.Ahmed EL Masry.

Amira Taha

Mashallah Dr.Ahmed..God bless you richly in your health, work and your children..really you enjoy great manners, respect to the young before the old..One of the best doctors I have met in my life.


DR.Ahmed EL Masry is a very wonderful man, bariatric surgery is sooo easy with him and I felt comfort and peace with him.

Ezzat Daoud

To all people, DR.Ahmed is the best doctor in the world!I made gastric sleeves with him and thanks God ,it is very good.

Sally Ali

From success to success DR.Ahmed..the center is an excellent one and that is the expected from a humble and gentle doctor like you.

Aml EL Gabry

DR.Ahmed is the best doctor I have ever met..He really does not care about money..God bless him.

Basma Baskal

DR.Ahmed EL Masry is the best bariatric surgeon in the world!Really he is gentle, skilled and enjoys an excellent manners..Also he does not care about money..God bless him richly..Many thanks doctor for the surgery, care, safety and excellence.

Amola EL Kholy

Dr.Ahmed EL Masry is a very gentle and skilled doctor and his prices is very affordable ..May God bless him richly.

Sahoma Khalil

An excellent center and a special care, doctors are skilled and excellent..May God give you success always..And any one asks me about gastric sleeves, sure I will guide him to this center.

Hend Mohammed

A successful and an excellent doctor with a wonderful center and team and that is what is expected from a doctor like you..And I advise all who wants to change his life and live healthy to stop hesitation and go to DR.Ahmed.

Hagar Seif

I made Gastric bypass with DR.Ahmed and I lost 38 Kilos in 5 months.

Bero Ali

It is obvious and clear that DR.Ahmed is so lovable, may God bless him richly.

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