What are the causes of Gallbladder inflammation?
* The main cause is the stones which occur due to many causes such as high cholesterol or cracking of red blood cells (in some blood diseases).
* Some cases may be associated with the presence of inflammation elsewhere in the body and especially the inflammation of the digestive tract (such as colitis or hepatitis).

Other causes of inflammation of the gallbladder:
1-The presence of a tumour causes the accumulation of bile and thus the occurrence of inflammation.
2-Blockage of the bile duct.
4-Vascular problems.

How does inflammation of the gallbladder occur?
It occurs as a result of gallstones which blocks the biliary ducts in which the bile flows. When clogged, the bile accumulates and therefore inflammation is formed.

What are the symptoms of gallbladder inflammation?
1-Acute pain in the upper part and lower abdomen.
2-The spread of pain to shoulder and back.
3-nausea and vomiting.

What are the complications of gallbladder inflammation?
1-An infection of the gallbladder caused by the accumulation of bile inside.
2-The death of gallbladder tissues due to an untreated inflammation (gangrene).
3-Rupture of the gallbladder due to the severity of inflammation and swelling.

Inflammation of the gallbladder is a life-threatening problem because it may cause complications that may reach the extent of rupture of the gallbladder. Therefore, early treatment prevents serious problems.

Here are 7 ways to avoid the risk of gallbladder attacks:
1-lose weight slowly. Because rapid weight loss causes the appearance of gallstones.
2-Keep your weight.
3-Eat healthy food rich in vegetables and fruits. Avoid heavy, low-fibre fatty foods that increase the chances of gallstones.
4-Stop smoking completely because it affects the inflammation and increases the seriousness of it.
5-Caring for practising exercises for a healthy and athletic body.
6-Keep away from alcoholic and soft drinks and replace with natural juices.
7-Drinking a lot of water to help to dissolve the stones.

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