What is Gastric Bypass surgery?
-Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass surgery in Egypt is an important bariatric surgery as Gastric sleeves surgery where part of the stomach is separated and the intestines path is bypassed so that the first part of the intestine is passed. By reducing the size of the stomach and bypassing the first section of the intestines, the absorption of sugars and nutrients decreases. It is laparoscopic by 4 small surgical openings not exceeding 2 cm in length. Also, the hunger hormone is disposed of in the process and the feeling of hunger after the operation becomes almost rare.

-The Gastric bypass surgery is the best solution for sweets and sugars lovers who cannot control their appetite.

-The Gastric bypass surgery achieves healing ratios of up to 90% of type II diabetes due to its effect on the absorption of sugars.

-Also, it achieves impressive results in weight loss higher than other other bariatric surgeries.

-Therefore the type of bariatric surgery is chosen according to the patient's health condition and his love for the sweets or carbohydrates more and the doctor's evaluation.

-How does the Gastric bypass surgeries heal from diabetes?
1-by reducing the absorption of sugars.
2-Activating the pancreas.
3-stimulating the production of intestinal hormones.

-What are the types of Gastric bypass surgeries?
1-Classic Gastric bypass.
2-Mini Gastric bypass.

-Gastric bypass surgery..Is it a redo surgery?
Yes, it is a redo surgery. Because the original part of the stomach that has been cut off is not disposed outside the body but continues inside the patient's body. A change in the eating path occurs.

-Who is the inventor of the Gastric bypass surgery?
Dr.Robert Routledge is a global expert and one of the world's Bariatric surgeries specialists. It was invented in 1997 and transported to many countries of the world, headed by England, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Serbia and Egypt.

Dr.Routledge has visited Egypt many times to train doctors on gastric bypass surgery at medical conferences.

Dr.Routledge says: The Gastric bypass surgery is simply the process of getting the patient out of obesity and Diabetes together in 30 minutes. It also protects against complications of diabetes in its final stages which may reach to blindness and avoid the problems of the retina and heart attacks.

-Gastric bypass surgery is one of the oldest bariatric surgeries and has proven its results over the years.-The process Gastric bypass surgery is one of the oldest bariatric surgeries and has proven its results over the years.

-No foreign bodies are inserted into the patient in the Gastric bypass surgery.

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