What is Gastric balloon?
-A gastric balloon is a silicone balloon that is fitted with a laparoscopy in the stomach and filled with a sterile medical solution to take up a large space in the stomach, hence giving the feeling of satiety and fullness.

-Gastric balloon is the ideal solution for an obese patient who has an increase in weight than the ideal less than 30 kg or BMI (weight/(height) 2) less than 30 and failed to lose weight by diet and sports.

-The duration of the balloon installation is 10 minutes and lasts for 6 months in which the patient gets to the desired ideal weight which he dreamed to reach. While
Some other kinds of gastric balloons last for one year in the body.

-Gastric balloon is a non-surgical procedure performed in a few minutes under local anaesthesia.

-The cost of the gastric balloon varies depending on the type of balloon and the cost of the hospital in which the balloon is installed.

-Who doesn't fit the stomach balloon?
1-The obese patient who has an increase in weight than the ideal above 40 kg.
2-Patient having fat accumulation in many places in the body.
3-Patient who suffers from stomach inflammations and ulcers.

-It is necessary to carry out some laboratory investigations before making a gastric balloon to check on the patient state.

-Gastric balloon is a perfectly safe procedure and does not cause any side effects. However, it is not suitable for patients with gastric inflammations and ulcers for fear of undesirable complications.

-4 Benefits for gastric balloon:
1-Easy and simple procedure. Done with local anaesthesia.
2-A quick procedure, it takes no more than a few minutes.
3-Achieves great results in weight loss. The patient loses more than 80% of his weight after the procedure.
4-The patient gets rid of many complications of obesity, like diabetes mellitus type II, hypertension and others.

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