When can I be pregnant after bariatric surgery?
-If you are planning for a pregnancy after bariatric surgery (God will), Dr.Ahmed advises you to wait from 6 months to 1 year to ensure that your child will receive the nutrients and vitamins needed for his growth as well as full recovery of your health to be ready to take care of your child. 

-It is known that obesity is a major cause of delayed pregnancy as it decreases the level of hormones and weakens the ovulation. Bariatric surgeries are the best and ideal solution for obese patients who suffer from delayed pregnancy due to obesity. Pregnancy has occurred in many cases after bariatric surgeries such as gastric sleeves, gastric bypass and Sasi. Scientific studies have shown that there has been a significant improvement in the possibility of pregnancy for obese patients after bariatric surgery.

-Obesity also affects men's fertility as it causes a lower level of testosterone and affects the quality and number of sperms and thus fertility. Therefore, getting rid of obesity is a safe solution to help the occurrence of pregnancy (God will).

-it is necessary to tell the gynaecologist and obstetrician about your procedure of obesity and its type in order to follow up the fetal growth accurately and give you the proper instructions required for you.

-Bariatric surgeries are completely safe for those who want to carry a pregnancy, provided that you follow the doctor’s instructions and take vitamins and nutritional supplements. Also eating healthy and useful foods is considered an important issue for you.

-The researchers also acknowledge that pregnancy after bariatric surgeries is safer than pregnancy with obesity complications. Which includes the possibility of gestational diabetes, hypertension for the pregnant and in some cases may reach to abortion.

-Your doctor will choose the appropriate vitamins and nutritional supplements that are suitable for you depending on your type of bariatric surgery, your health condition and the condition of your fetus.

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