Who is the best candidate for Gastric Sleeve surgery?
-The best candidate is the obese patient who is over eater having an increase in weight than the ideal more than 30 kg or BMI (weight/(length in meter)2) more than 40 or 35 in the presence of chronic diseases as diabetes, Hypertension or bones diseases.

-Which is more suitable for diabetics: Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeves?
Gastric Bypass surgery improves Diabetes type 2 with a percentage that leads to complete cure. Gastric Sleeves provides a relative improvement. And so Gastric Bypass is more convenient.

-It is not beneficial to perform bariatric surgeries either Gastric bypass or Gastric Sleeves or others to a patient having an excessive weight less than 30 Kg. As bariatric surgeries will lead to sharp weight loss where their weight may be less than normal. Which of course causes severe harm to body systems and organs.

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