Who is the best candidate for gastric bypass surgery?
The candidate for the Gastric bypass process is the patient who suffers from one of the following conditions:

1- Those who suffer from obesity and like to eat sweets and sugars in large quantities and cannot do without them. 
2- A patient who suffers from high blood sugar due to type 2 diabetes.
3- Patients who complain of obesity with a BMI exceeding 40. 
BMI is a method of measuring a patient's obesity through a simple calculation (weight/(height)2.  It is the result of the division of the weight in kilograms on the square length in meters.
4- A patient having BMI (weight/(height)2  that is more than 30 and also suffering from other obesity-related diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, bone and joint diseases, spinal problems, varicose veins, sleep apnea, infertility for both women and men, insomnia, risk of strokes and especially clots, gallstones.
5- People who have BMI more than 30 and failed  to lose weight in traditional methods such as following different weight-loss regimens, whether exercising or changing the wrong feeding habits that include staying away from fatty foods, soft drinks and fried food, or after taking weight-loss medications in the hope of achieving the desired weight gain.
6 - Patients who need to lose more than 35 kg to reach their ideal weight.

Note: Obesity processes such as Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve are not preferred for obese patients who are overweight below 30 kg. This is because obesity processes may cause a sharp drop in weight to become underweight, which may harm different organs of the body.

Gastric Bypass: 
Gastric bypass process is one of the famous procedures used to get rid of obesity, it is carried out by endoscopy through four or five openings in the abdomen, where a pocket is separated from the stomach, and the first part of the intestine is skipped, to reach the small intestine directly.
Lose weight in Gastric bypass process:
Gastric bypass process helps you lose weight and reach the ideal weight by almost 100%, because the process has three outcomes on the digestive system:
1-Reducing the size of the stomach relatively and thus help to reach the feeling of satiety easily just when eating small meals.
2-Getting rid of the hunger hormone (glycerin), which is excreted from the stomach cells, and is responsible for delivering the feeling of hunger to the brain.
3- Reducing the absorption of foods and from the intestines.

Advantages of laparoscopic Gastric bypass:
1- The low levels of pain felt by the patient after the operation, due to the small size of the openings used to insert the endoscope, which does not exceed 2 cm, in addition to the pain device that Dr. Ahmed Al Masri consultant endoscopic and obesity surgery, usually provide it to his patients, so that the patient can take the necessary painkillers in calculated doses.
2- Short stay in the hospital where the patient can return home 24 hours after the operation, after checking him and making sure that he is informed by all the instructions and advices.
3- Short recovery period and the possibility of returning to work and practicing normal life after 5 to 7 days of the operation. 
4- Maintaining the cosmetic appearence and the absence of scars due to the small size of surgical openings in the abdominal wall.

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