Will I feel pain after obesity surgery?
According to patients testimonials who made the gastric sleeve with DR.Ahmed EL Masry, pain is not mentioned at all specially by using PCA the most updated electronic analgesia device that delivers an accurate amount of analgesics to the body programmed by DR.Ahmed himself and is used by the patient for 3 days after the surgery to avoid any pain.

-If you suffer from obesity and its perplexing complications, so in great need to get rid of it, but having a lot of fears concerning pain after the surgery. Then you can contact your predecessors in making bariatric surgeries. You can make this easily through different social media platforms. You will find the encouragement and peace you need as they did not feel pain after surgeries.

-Bariatric surgeries are non-painful surgeries which makes it easy for the patient to return home quickly and get back to his work and normal activities after a week at most.

-After bariatric surgeries, we advise you to follow up continuously with your doctor and commit to all his instructions to guarantee the surgery results.

Dr.Ahmed EL Masry instructions to avoid pain after bariatric surgeries:
1-Intake of the prescribed analgesics in case of feeling pain.
2-Avoid overeating more than the full sensation and stomach capacity.
3-Avoid eating and drinking at the same time.
4-Avoid soda drinks as it causes flatulence and stomach pain as well as stretching of the stomach due to effervescence in a small area.
5- In case of severe pain that increases by time, contacting the doctor is a must as it is not normal.

-Also, it is known that Dumping syndrome is one of the painful bariatric surgeries complications that cause stomach pain and continuous nausea and vomiting.
And this occurs due to the quick passage of food from the stomach to the intestine. Bariatric surgeries complications represent only about 1-2% of total cases.
DR.Ahmed advises patients to contact their doctors in case of appearance of its symptoms.

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