Will we need vitamins after Bariatric surgeries?
-First of all, we must be committed to vitamins and supplements intake after bariatric surgeries to compensate for the lack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals due to the reduction of the size of the stomach and thus reduce the intake of food in the abdomen significantly.

-In case of Gastric sleeves: Vitamins are taken for at least 6 months.
In the case of Gastric Bypass: it is preferable to commit to the intake of vitamins for a longer period as a result of reducing the absorption of nutrients and sugars. This period may reach a lifetime.

-Fortunately, the latest in bariatric surgeries, SASI has appeared which has avoided the problem of vitamin and mineral deficiency where it is considered a merge between the gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass. Thus becomes two paths of food. one of them passing in the natural path where there is no shortage of important nutrients and vitamins. Therefore, the Sasi surgery is followed by the lowest intake of vitamins than the other bariatric surgeries.

-Dr. Ahmed always stresses the importance of eating a healthy diet that includes vegetables and fruits and avoiding fast food, fatty meals and high-calorie foods.
He declares that bariatric surgeries are the beginning of the path to a new life in a new healthy style. A life full of health and activity. Also, he stresses the importance of regular exercises to maintain the results of the surgery and to obtain an athletic body.

-After bariatric surgeries, there is a deficiency of some vitamins such as vitamin A, D, B, E, iron and calcium. It is known that the lack of these vitamins leads to many body disorders such as fatigue, tiredness, anaemia, numbness of limbs, chills and other symptoms.

Therefore, Dr.Ahmed insists on the need to commit to vitamins and nutritional supplements after bariatric surgeries for the prescribed periods of the doctor to maintain the results of the surgery and protect the body from any changes.
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