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What about  flabbiness after bariatric surgeries?
What about flabbiness after bariatric surgeries?
*Skin flabbiness in some areas after bariatric surgeries are normal due to huge weight loss, Fortunately, there are some ways and pieces of advice that we will share you to overcome these loose skin.

*Most common areas of flabby skin after weight loss:
-Lower abdomen.

* Pieces of Advice for overcoming skin flabbiness:
1-Drinking water: for moisturising the body and so improving skin flexibility.  It is preferred drinking 2 litres of water daily.
2-Eating food rich in collagen and elastin which are responsible for youthfulness and flexibility of the skin as cheese, milk, nuts, fish and beans.
3-Pracising exercises and sports for obtaining tight skin free from flabbiness.
4-Taking care of nutrition to improve skin flexibility and activate body circulation.
5-Using creams containing aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, E and A as it helps to moisturise the skin and increasing its collagen and elastin.

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