Surgery Tips

What shall we eat after bariatric surgeries?
What shall we eat after bariatric surgeries?
First of all, There is no food deprive after bariatric surgeries. You will eat all kinds of food but in small quantities together with keeping up vitamins and food supplements intake that the doctor advised with after the surgery. And of course, Keeping up a special diet especially in the first weeks after surgery is a must:

*Week 1,2: Liquids without sugar or with sugar diet, diet juices, peppermint, anise, tea, non-fatty soup, lentils or tomato soup, hibiscus and light skimmed milk.

*Week 3,4Easily swallowed food, soups, light yoghurt, potato puree, cottage cheese and cornflakes with skimmed milk.

*Week 5,6: Mashed food, vegetables soup, chicken, fish, poached meat and mashed well, small pieces of salad and small pieces of fruits.