Integrated Anesthesia system

Integrated Anesthesia system
Integrated Anesthesia system
If we talk about the most important thing that causes fear and hesitation for going to bariatric surgeries for obese patients, our conversation will not be free from anesthesia.
Anesthesia is one of the most important criteria for obese patients and may even retreat them from their decision because of fear of anesthesia due to many rumors spreading about it and how dangerous it is.
Anesthesia.. One of the basic criteria for the success of bariatric surgeries. Therefore, Dr. Ahmed EL Masry has created and invented an integrated system of anesthesia in bariatric surgeries to achieve the highest safety rate in his surgeries and to avoid any complications that may occur as a result of anesthesia faults.

Dr. Ahmed El-Masry's Integrated Anesthesia system includes:

1-Medical Anesthesia Team consists of 3 consultants specializing in bariatric surgeries anesthesia on a high level of efficiency.

2-Preparing the patient with all the medical investigations that are available at the clinic.

3-Interview with the anesthesiologist on a separate visit from the operation if necessary.

4-Meeting the anesthesiologist before going down to the operating room to review the medical history again.

5-Choosing the type of anesthesia suitable for the patient weither the use of total anesthesia or
local anesthesia if necessary.

6-Using the latest techniques in anesthesia which ensures to the patient the highest safety rates in accordance with international standards which include:

* Use of the optic fiber device to install the laryngeal tube.
* Use of the BIS device which is a breakthrough in bariatric surgeries 
Because it measures the amount of anesthesia during the operation and thus the dose of anesthesia
Suitable for your weight, age and height.

7-Follow up to the patient from the anesthesia team consisting of 3 
Physicians therefore complete and continuous monitoring of the patient during the procedure.

Patient transfer to the recovery room for 15 to 20 minutes until full recovery And going out to the room.

* This integrated anesthesia system answers the most common question that causes anxiety for many obese patients who are coming to bariatric surgeries:
Can the amount of anesthesia in my body be reduced during the procedure which makes me feel the operation pain? Or can the amount of anesthesia increase in my body and cause a lot of serious complications?!

The BIS Anesthesia Device... The latest anesthesia device in the world, with Dr. Ahmed Al-Masry:

The BIS device is a breakthrough in the world's anaesthesia techniques, providing the patient with the highest safety rates in bariatric surgery.
It is a device connected to the monitor and on the other side to the patient's front. This device works by measuring the rate of anesthesia and awareness of the patient throughout the process. A warning is given if an increase or decrease in the amount of anesthesia than the required rate.
It is therefore a technique that ensures the correct and accurate quantity of anesthesia throughout the duration of the procedure. Thus highest safety rates and avoidance of any complications due to not adjusting the amount of anesthesia in the body during bariatric surgeries.

Anesthesia and high weights:

Anesthesia in bariatric surgeries for patients with high weights, is a great challenge. However, with an integrated system of anaesthesia with Dr. Ahmed El-Masry, bariatric surgery in Egypt can be performed for high weights in complete safety.
You can easily browse many of the success stories of obese patients with Dr. Ahmed al-Masry, who have had a lot of concerns about anesthesia on various social media pages.

Anesthesia and patients with heart and respiratory system disorders:

Anesthesia is a major challenge in bariatric surgery for patients with heart and respiratory system disorders. The patient is well prepared in these cases, many important steps and techniques are followed in anesthesia to safely pass the patient from the bariatric surgery.
Dr. Ahmed's integrated anesthesia system ensures excellent results for these patients with the highest safety rates and less complications that are near to zero.

Development of anesthesia medications in bariatric surgery:

Anesthesia medications used in bariatric surgery have evolved and are still evolving to provide the patient with many advantages such as:
It does not affect the heart muscle and respiratory system, reduce the post-operation recovery period and provide a great deal of reassurance to the patient on the process.

At the end of our article, we would like to emphasize the importance of selecting an efficient surgeon who is not only interested in his specialty, but is also interested in providing an integrated system of successfull bariatric surgery that includes an important step in the procedure of surgery which is anesthesia.

The special anesthesia team for Dr Ahmed EL Masry passes with MR.Ahmed to safety shore, to watch the video click here

See the latest anesthesia device in bariatric surgery in the world, with Dr. Ahmed Al-Masry: