Mini Gastric Sleeve

Mini Gastric Sleeve
Mini Gastric Sleeve
-Mini Gastric Sleeve... A breakthrough in the world of bariatric surgery and a clear indication of the extent of the remarkable medical development in bariatric surgeries.
Bariatric surgery continues to take steady steps towards patient comfort, avoiding anxiety and fear of obese patients from for bariatric surgeries. It also strives to reduce the complications and side effects of bariatric surgeries to close to zero as the surgeon grows in skill and experience.

What is the Mini Gastric Sleeve surgery?

Simply, the Mini Gastric Sleeve surgery is the same as normal gastric sleeve surgery, but with very precise and fine surgical instruments that are no more than 2 ml thick. This gives the obese patient many of the advantages we will talk about now, the most important of which is the absence of any wounds or scars after the operation.
The Mini Gastric Sleeve process is done through very small, completely invisible wounds, through which the precise laparoscopic tools are inserted. Its diameter is no more than 2 ml, which is similar to the syringe tip.

10 Gains you will get with Mini Gastric Sleeve surgery:

1-To sleeve the stomach without pain due to the small size of the wound.
2-A bariatric surgery without wounds or scars.
3-Short time in the operation.
4-Very limited surgical intervention.
5-A short stay at the hospital which does not exceed a day.
6-A very short convalescence period and can go back to work and perform daily tasks after just two days.
7-Excellent results of weight loss without complications.
8-Better cosmetic outcome.
9-Less damage to the body's surrounding tissues.
10-Can be performed by local anesthesia according to the vision of the surgeon and according to the patient's condition and weight.

Mini Gastric Sleeve... You won't remember obesity!

Scars and wounds are what makes us remember the event, so what if these effects aren't present?!
You will not remember the event and you will forget the days!
This is what will happen with you with Mini Gastric Sleeve if you are going for a bariatric surgery and you choose Mini Gastric Sleeve, the absence of scars after the surgery as a result of the precise tools will forget you obesity as well.

What is the difference between open surgery, laparoscopic gastric sleeve and Mini Gastric Sleeve?

The answer as listed by Dr. Ahmed Al-Masry includes the remarkable development of bariatric surgery. It evolved from open surgery to laparoscopic surgery and finally with Mini Gastric Sleeve that is an impressive surgical revolution.
Traditional surgery involves a large abdominal wound, which is accompanied by many side effects such as the length of convalescence, the presence of pain and a significant effect of the incision.
Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve... A step towards the patient's comfort and safety and to avoid pain and complications of bariatric surgeries. The operation is carried out through 4 small surgical openings, with a wound size of about 1 cm. The laparoscopic tools are inserted through them.
The Mini Gastric Sleeve includes very precise laparoscopic tools that are no more than 2 ml in diameter and thus the obese patient has many of the advantages we have listed earlier.

-We believe that bariatric surgery is the best choice for obese patients who dream of a perfect weight. And they tried many diet regimens and exercises training and it didn't work out.

-Mini Gastric Sleeve is one of surgeries that require a lot of skill, precision and surgical experience as it is done through very small surgical openings. Therefore, Mini Gastric Sleeve is one of the bariatric surgeries performed by Dr. Ahmed EL Masry in Egypt with ease and safety.

Is the Mini Gastric Sleeve suitable for all obese patients?

There are many techniques for gastric sleeve surgery such as Bikini Sleeve   
These are different techniques, the most appropriate of which are determined by the vision of the surgeon.
For example, Mini Gastric Sleeve is not suitable for all cases, depending on the patient's state of health, weight and some other criteria that are judged by the bariatric surgeon.

See the difference between different terms of gastric sleeve such as Mini Gastric Sleeve and a bikini line Gastric Sleeve, with Dr. Ahmed El Masry: