Single-port Gastric Sleeve

Single-port Gastric Sleeve
Single-port Gastric Sleeve
-Gastric sleeve and Gastric bypass...Are not the only two processes in bariatric surgery. The process of gastric sleeve has evolved and there are many techniques for it, which tend to move closer to the patient's comfort and avoid his anxiety and fear.
One of these techniques is Single-port Gastric Sleeve.
Which means gastric sleeve with one surgical opening in the navel.

How is the Single-port Gastric Sleeve done?

Normal laparoscopic Gastric sleeve operation is done through 5 surgical openings:
-Two openings for the surgeon.
-An opening for camera.
-Opening for assistant.
-A surgical opening to lift the liver from the stomach for facilitating the work to the surgeon.
This is the normal technique of laparoscopic gastric sleeve. Many cases of obese patients seek to gastric sleeve without wounds or surgical scars. Therefore, the gastric sleeve process was invented with one surgical opening. The whole process is performed through a single opening in the navel through which all the laparoscopic tools are inserted. 

Is a Single-port Gastric Sleeve surgery, easy process?

In fact, it is not an easy process for the surgeon, it requires a lot of precision and skill where all the steps of the operation are done through a single opening which is very difficult.

Does single-port Gastric Sleeve fit for all obese patients?

Dr. Ahmed Al-Masry answers: NO, this technique is not suitable for all obese patients. For example, It is not valid in these cases:
-Obese patients with high weights (above 150 kilos).
-Cases of obese patients who have performed previous surgeries.
-Obese cases suffering from other surgical problems with obesity such as diaphragm hernia.
-Old age.

Single-port Gastric Sleeve and minimizing damage to the surrounding tissues:

This technique is not only aimed at improving the aesthetic form and avoiding any scars or wounds after the operation, but also aims to reduce the damage of the body tissues surrounding the operation's location. It is done through a single surgical opening and in an invisible place which is the navel.

5 Advantages of a single-port gastric sleeve operation:

1-No pain due to the presence of one surgical opening.
2-Less hospital stay.
3-A short period of convalescence and quick return to work and exercise daily tasks.
4-less blood loss due to reduced damage to the surrounding tissues.
5-Maintaining the patient's privacy as the wound is not visible at all (in the navel), the patient's procedure is not known for any.

Can a single-port gastric sleeve be converted into a normal laparoscopic gastric sleeve?

Answer: Yes, in some cases the surgeon needs to convert the process to the normal technique by laparoscopy through 4-5 surgical openings depending on the condition, As in case of appearance of any obstacles that pose difficulty in conducting the operation with a single surgical opening. It is, of course, a courage and intelligent decision by the surgeon to protect the patient from complications and achieve the highest safety rate in the process.

Are there disadvantages in a single-port gastric sleeve operation?

The single-port gastric sleeve process is not the easiest for the surgeon, it hinders him in the operation and presents some difficulty. However, an efficient surgeon can do it in order to fulfil the patient's desire and to achieve his dream of getting down in weight without surgical scars.
However, the surgeon has the final decision to determine the validity of this technique and not the patient, as the patient's safety and exit from the process without any complications or problems is the main goal of the surgeon more than the cosmetic form.

Laparoscopic gastric sleeve...Achieved  a lot of dreams:

Laparoscopic Gastric sleeve in Egypt has achieved a lot of dreams in weight loss, and access to the perfect weight. Especially after the patient experience  for many different diets and sports without a meaningful result.
Laparoscopic Gastric sleeve has become one of the most popular surgeries in Egypt and the Middle East. Egypt has become a place for therapeutic tourism, especially with Dr. Ahmed El-Masry, who became the resort for many cases of obese patients from abroad.

-Gastric Sleeve is done by cutting about 80% of the size of the stomach to turn to the shape of a sleeve. And the patient will be full with the lowest quantity of food.
-Part of the stomach responsible for releasing the hormone of hunger is eliminated, and the feeling of hunger becomes rare.
-Also Dr. Ahmed EL Masry gets rid of the stomach fundus and the part responsible for stretching the stomach so as not to return to its size again, by following the instructions after the operation and avoiding over-eating.

To learn more about laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve surgery, see this video for Dr Ahmed Masry: