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Many people suffer from the problem of overweight and the appearance of sagging and stretch marks significantly in different areas of the body, but the stomach area remains the most visible and prominent area, since the shape of the belly shows the extent of accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, but some people who suffer from Serious or chronic illnesses are difficult to commit to natural ways to lose weight. Therefore, they go for bariatric surgery to reduce the size of the stomach and to reduce the continuous weight increase.  

Reasons for the expansion of the stomach:

There are many reasons that explain why the stomach expands dramatically, which causes many serious diseases to the body, and we can explain the reasons for the stomach expansion and the need for Sleeve Gastrectomy through the following:

-Eating foods rich in fats, carbohydrates and preservatives that do not satisfy the body sufficiently, and therefore after a short period of eating, patient feels hungry and while continuing to eat it increases the proportion of fat in the body and the stomach expands as well.

-The lack of water intake in sufficient quantities per day works on the accumulation of some fatty substances and sugars within the stomach, since cold water is burning some types of food in the stomach, so drinking water in a small proportion works on the expansion of the stomach clearly. 

-Chewing gum continuously works to cause the stomach to swell, and this swelling gradually leads to the feeling of contractions which in turn expand the size of the stomach at abnormal rates, which then leads to the expanded size of the stomach in the body.

-There are some drugs and medications that are constantly being taken, resulting in large abdominal size and large stomach, and this occurs as a result of the swelling that results from their intake, usually taken as a treatment of the liver and kidney as a result of the deterioration of their work and irregularity.

-Intake of soft drinks (soda water) is an important reason for the enlargement of the stomach, due to the proportion of sparkling soda that works on the swelling of the stomach and colon, and thus expands the stomach and grows larger than its normal size.

-Eating large amounts of sugars leads to not burning the body regularly and thus begins to accumulate in the body, and accumulates especially in the stomach area, so the stomach begins to stretch.

What is Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy is the process of cutting a group of gastric tissues or separating part of it to return the stomach to the normal form, which is an easy process performed by many surgeons of the digestive system, and for that process several conditions must be available in the patient, so that it can work And successfully terminated.

After the process is completed, the rate that the patient was eating with before the operation is no more allowed, as he will eat in much lower quantities to prevent the stomach swelling again, and no doubt that any step opposing these instructions will cause the failure of the process and the presence of danger to the patient's life. 

What tools are used in gastric sleeve?

The stomach is stapled by several tools dedicated to the task, where the devices or the so-called stapler have certain specifications, and we can clarify each of them through the following: 

-* Type 1  "Power" or  "electronic stapler"  or as it is known by GST stapler. And the work of that type of gastric sleeve staplers was limited to the cutting of the tissue over the normal rate of the stomach, by installing that stapler from the sides and pressing on it.

-* Type 2  "Smart stapler " and that type of stapler in which the thickness of the stomach and quantity or the amount of the part to be cutted of it, and then the appropriate replacement of the operation.

What are the advantages of smart stapler?

There are many advantages that distinguish smart stapler from other types of stapler, these advantages are the following points:

-Electronic stapler performs the purpose and the primary aim of manufacturing it, which is the process of stapling, but the error rate may be significant if the improper spare is used, especially if the patient's stomach is larger than the spare used, and here the occurrence of the error may pose a risk to the patient's life.

-The Smart stapler works to determine the thickness of the stomach and its total size and optimal shape after the gastric sleeve, and therefore illustrates those readings, so the doctor starts working on them to successfully complete the process.

-Based on that step the appropriate replacement is determined through which the stomach is gagged and cut the fabric to be removed easily from the stomach, and here the doctor may avoid the occurrence of the error completely, and therefore is one of the best modern methods of gastric sleeve.

-The smart stapler reduces the rate of leakage from the stomach and completely reduces stomach problems after the process, which is the feeling of regurgitation and pain when eating and other symptoms.

-This smart stapler helps greatly in the work of the Doctor during the procedure, due to its easy electronic articulation in all the corners of the stomach, unlike other devices that needed considerable time and strenuous effort during the procedure to staple and sleeve the stomach. 

Reasons for the failure of the stapling and Gastric Sleeve process:

There are some reasons and things that lead to the failure of the process, and these are the following:

-Chewing gum is one of the reasons for the expansion of the stomach and the failure of the Gastric sleeve process.

-Eating food rich in fats, useless substances and drinking alcohol and gaseous substances and smoking greedily.

-Eating hard nutrients that are difficult to digest, thereby accumulating them in the stomach, thus pushing the part that has been gagged, exposing the stomach to explode and definitely separating the process, no doubt that it endangers the life of the patient.

-Eating foods in large proportions and quantities especially in the late times of the day, which work to pressure all parts of the stomach doubly, and no doubt that the patient will feel severe pain in all corners of the stomach.

Important tips to avoid Gastric Sleeve failure:

There are some steps and constants that the patient must adhere to after performing a gastric sleeve operation to avoid failure, these steps are as follows:

-The patient must chew food well when eating food to facilitate digestion, and to avoid the process of accumulation in the stomach.

-The patient must also avoid drinking water in large quantities while eating, as that habit expands the stomach, leading to the failure of the operation and the occurrence of the leak.

-Reduce the sugar intake that is eaten in sweet and especially fried foods, since sugars accumulate in the stomach continuously when ingested significantly, and no doubt they are working on the failure of the process.

-Eat a cup of water before the meal by a quarter of an hour, as it works to fill the stomach with an imaginary area that helps to easily digest later, so the patient will avoid eating in large quantities.

-A balanced diet that combines non-harmful materials and leafy vegetables that help with digestion, as it will benefit in the process of weight loss and reduce the amount of meals.    

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