Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve surgery

Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve surgery
Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve surgery

What is Gastric Sleeve surgery?

It is one of the most important bariatric surgeries and the most common among obese patient..Where about 70% is cut off the stomach which means decreasing its size to a great extent. And so the patient feels full after eating a small amount of food. It is done by endoscope thorough 4 small surgical openings that do not exceed 2cm. Also, Hunger hormone (Ghrelin) is removed in the surgery which makes sense of hunger became rare after the surgery.

*Laparoscopic gastric sleeve leaves the stomach in a shape of a sleeve, so it is named with this name.

*Gastric sleeve is considered the ideal and most suitable solution for those who suffer a lot from the failure of weight loss by diet or practicing exercises. This is not the end for them. There are a lot of new and updated solutions which is Bariatric surgeries that achieved the dream of a lot in weight loss and reaching the ideal weight.

Who is the best candidate for Gastric Sleeve surgery?

The best candidate is the obese patient who likes eating large amounts of food and who has an  increase in weight than the ideal more than 30 kg or BMI (weight/(length in meter)2) more than 40 or 35 in the presence of chronic diseases as diabetes, increase in blood pressure or bones diseases.

What are the conditions of Gastric Sleeve surgery?

Fortunately, there are no certain conditions for gastric sleeve surgery for getting rid of obesity, it is suitable for different ages from 18 to 65 years. And of course, all medical investigations required by the doctor must be done.

What is the benefits of laparoscopy in Gastric Sleeve surgery?

  1. Less pain than open surgery.
  2. stay in the hospital for only one day.
  3. Short recovery period and the patient can return to his daily activities after 5 days at most.
  4. The cosmetic look is much better.

How can I get ready for Gastric sleeve surgery?

1-Smokers must stop smoking completely at least one month before the surgery to avoid any complications during and after the surgery.
2-Healthy and balanced food intake and avoiding fats and sweets.
3-Complete fasting before surgery with 12 hours.
4-Patient is advised to drink sufficient amounts of water and fluids before surgery to avoid constipation.
5-At surgery night, Avoid completely heavy fatty food and large amounts.
6-Be ready psychologically for the surgery by contacting with patients that already had made bariatric surgeries and be encouraged by them. And be ready for the surgery by praying. 

What is after Gastric Sleeve surgery?

1-Patient can return to his work and normal activities after 5 days.
2-Patient loses about 65% of his excessive weight after the surgery..and reaches the ideal weight in about one year.
3-Patient should commit to doctor's instructions together with changing lifestyle to a healthy one.
4-Patient should commit to following up with the doctor for a sufficient period after the surgery. And should take vitamins and protein supplement for certain period determined by the doctor.
5-Patient is cured of a lot of obesity complications as Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, bones and muscles diseases.
6-Patient is advised to avoid weight measurement daily after the surgery. In order to detect the changes in weight that happened.

What are the standards of Gastric Sleeve surgery success?

1-Getting rid of more than 65% of excessive weight.
2-Keeping the ideal weight reached by the patient.
3-Cure from obesity complications.

Avoid these actions after Gastric Sleeve surgeries:

1-Not committing to food instructions especially in the first month and a half after surgery.
2-Overeating as this may cause nausea and vomiting.
3-Mixing between food intake and drinking especially in the first period after the surgery.
4-Drinking soda drinks as this can cause severe flatulence.

Will I feel pain after the surgery?

According to patients testimonials who made the gastric sleeve with DR.Ahmed EL Masry, pain is not mentioned at all specially by using PCA the most updated electronic analgesia device that delivers an accurate amount of analgesia to the body programmed by DR.Ahmed himself and is used by the patient for 3 days after the surgery to avoid any pain.

  • Gastric Sleeve showed a great success in weight loss, so the obese patient reaches the ideal weight in very few months.
  • Also, the surgery rescues the obese patient from obesity complications as diabetes, high blood pressure and bone diseases.
  • Time of surgery is 45 minutes and the patient stays in the hospital for only one day.

*DR Ahmed EL Masry is one of the best bariatric surgeons in Egypt and the Middle East. And had received the International Excellence certificate in Bariatric surgeries from SRC institution. Which is a medical institution that gives this certificate to bariatric surgeons who fulfil certain standards and criteria in bariatric surgeries.

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